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doctor recommended weight lossIn order to achieve optimal health for ourselves, we cannot ignore diet and nutrition. What we eat plays a major role in how we feel, how we heal, and how we resist disease and aging. Dr. Keith Wharton utilizes two weight loss programs for our patients, selecting and customizing elements based on each individual. Adopting a medically supervised weight loss and nutrition plan is a wise choice, and will ultimately be more successful than fad diets or random attempts at weight loss. These programs are designed for long-term weight management. By using them you will learn the information and skills to control your weight more easily and consistently.

The Ideal Protein Program™ is derived from science. It is based on the belief that understanding the cause of weight gain will help you conquer the challenge. It incorporates FDA-approved medical foods.  These foods can even be purchased using your health savings account (HSA) funds. At our facility, we have a high tech body composition analysis machine to monitor your results.

The North American diet is high in carbohydrates and sugars, which ultimately leads to the overproduction of insulin and a disposition toward gaining fat. The Ideal Protein diet balances your insulin and helps you to burn your fat stores rather than feed them. Our Ideal Protein patients come in weekly to be weighed, measured and have their health screened. You will meet with Lisa, our practice manager and weight loss coach.

This is a comprehensive program, and Dr. Wharton will explain it more fully when you come in to our center.

The other program administered at Three Rivers Restorative Medicine is the BodyLogicMD diet. This is a low inflammation diet that is great for everyone. It is a lifestyle management approach, that uses a diet that consisting of consuming mostly of organic and whole foods. It is a diet high in vegetables and some fruits while eliminating inflammatory foods with gluten and a high glycemic index.

In many cases we incorporate supplementation into your diet and nutrition plan, because integrating certain herbs and natural supplements will support a balanced level of nutrients in the body and strengthen the immune system.  The BodyLogicMD diet provides our patients with a shopping list to help them at the grocery store, and the foods we ask them to purchase and prepare can be eaten by the entire family. This diet is beneficial to everyone so that spouses and children will also gain the rewards of eating right. It is ideal for a couple or a family that has agreed to embrace healthy eating and healthy living.

If supplements are recommended, these will be available at our facility. Our supplements are of the highest grade — learn more on this page of our website. We look forward to helping you achieve your permanent weight management goals, and helping you and those you love to stay healthy and avoid diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and other weight-related problems.



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  • Dr. Wharton is truly dedicated to his work and cares about his patient's wellbeing.  He continually reads current research and applies new knowledge to his practice. He has improved my life dramatically and has erased many, many horrible symptoms of menopause.  I value his input and hold him in very high regard, and I am sure you will too! TC…Read More
  • There is not enough words to describe how much better I feel since seeing Dr Wharton, he is professional but caring something you don't find very often he truly cares about his patients, I've been getting hormone replacement pellets every three months and specially made creams just for me, Plus he's the only one that even would talk to me…Read More
  • I have found Dr..Wharton to be highly professional and very thorough in his management of my treatment. Just as important to me, Dr. Wharton is very sensitive to and empathetic with the challenges I face and the goals I have set for my health. He takes the time to listen and treats me as an individual. I can ask for no more…Read More
  • Dr. Wharton: I wanted to thank you for introducing me to your Bodylogic practice. I am 47 years old, and I believe I have been suffering with perimenopause for the last seven or so years. I also have thyroid problems, coupled with chronic migraines that would last for days at a time. To sum it up most days I felt…Read More
  • I have been having hot flashes for 14 years, and I was so frustrated after trying many of the over-the-counter supplements with absolutely no relief. Dr. Wharton ran a battery of tests, some of which I have never had before, and from those results he prescribed a bio-identical estrogen/progesterone cream, along with a testosterone pellet.  The change I felt was amazingly different than…Read More


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