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Metabolic Code

Optimizing Health and Wellness with Metabolic Code at Three Rivers Restorative Medicine in Pittsburgh, PA – Serving Greentree, Monroeville, Carnegie, North Hills, South Hills, Squirrel Hill, Sewickley, Franklin Park, Cranberry, Wexford, Gibsonia – and patients traveling from West Virginia and Ohio

Every single day people make the resolution to start eating healthier and get well… moreover, every single day those same people don’t really have a tactic or a sense of what they’re doing. In recent years there has been an outpouring of services, products, and technology suggested to help people improve their health through tracking of exercise, calories, and hydration. However, what these products do not incorporate is a deep look at the causes of health dysfunction… until now. The Metabolic Code (MC) – a method for determining the state of your vitality and wellness – can help you get organized and prepared to start your health transformation journey.

Metabolic Code Health Assessment and Vitality Report

Metabolic Code Report for Metabolic Syndrome and Metabolism optimization and chronic disease preventionThe Metabolic Code was founded with the confidence that people deserve vitality at every stage of life and that your health is a result of the intricate relationships of lifestyle decisions and how those decisions impact your metabolic health. The Metabolic Code evaluates your health in several layers to build a comprehensive view of who you are now while recognizing and challenging the fundamental tenets of aging, metabolic, and lifestyle influences that could be hampering your metabolism.

The Metabolic Code Health Assessment and Vitality Report is an easy-to-understand report that embraces results from a personal questionnaire, lab tests, and biometrics to inspire the optimization of health while withdrawing factors that can negatively affect well-being. Your personal information is recorded and organized into Triads to manufacture a one-of-a-kind report that presents a systematic picture of your modern chemistry. The Metabolic Code Health Assessment and Vitality Report explains where you can get stronger in the Triad relationships as a result of dietary, lifestyle, and targeted nutritional supplements exclusive to your specific needs.

Meet the Triads

The Metabolic Code is based on the philosophy of metabolic Triads. With more than 30 years of clinical study and application, the Triads classify important organ systems into groups of three body systems that work in defined collaboration together and represent the intricate interrelationship of the systems that can cause a substantial influence on your metabolic health.

The Metabolic Code consists of 5 unique Triads:

Unlock Your Code

Your metabolism isn’t just your caloric intake and expenditure; metabolism embraces all the chemical responses in your body. Symptoms frequently show up before they generate a fluctuation in your lab values. If you are looking to rejuvenate your health, gain vigor, or improve your overall wellbeing and quality of life, Dr. Wharton at Three Rivers Restorative Medicine can help guide you back on an individualized path to well-being and vivacity with Metabolic Code.   Learning the daily behaviors and procedures that build health and is exclusive to your situation is a concentration on our commitment to you.


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  • Dr. Wharton is truly dedicated to his work and cares about his patient's wellbeing.  He continually reads current research and applies new knowledge to his practice. He has improved my life dramatically and has erased many, many horrible symptoms of menopause.  I value his input and hold him in very high regard, and I am sure you will too! TC…Read More
  • There is not enough words to describe how much better I feel since seeing Dr Wharton, he is professional but caring something you don't find very often he truly cares about his patients, I've been getting hormone replacement pellets every three months and specially made creams just for me, Plus he's the only one that even would talk to me…Read More
  • I have found Dr..Wharton to be highly professional and very thorough in his management of my treatment. Just as important to me, Dr. Wharton is very sensitive to and empathetic with the challenges I face and the goals I have set for my health. He takes the time to listen and treats me as an individual. I can ask for no more…Read More
  • Dr. Wharton: I wanted to thank you for introducing me to your Bodylogic practice. I am 47 years old, and I believe I have been suffering with perimenopause for the last seven or so years. I also have thyroid problems, coupled with chronic migraines that would last for days at a time. To sum it up most days I felt…Read More
  • I have been having hot flashes for 14 years, and I was so frustrated after trying many of the over-the-counter supplements with absolutely no relief. Dr. Wharton ran a battery of tests, some of which I have never had before, and from those results he prescribed a bio-identical estrogen/progesterone cream, along with a testosterone pellet.  The change I felt was amazingly different than…Read More


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